Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Specialist

Monday we drove four hours round trip to see a diagnostician (prerequisite to seeing a geneticist as they don't have enough appointment slots). What I expected to be an hour long appointment turned into four!

The doctor we saw was AWESOME. She took a very, very extensive history and even knew what HELLP was! Considering its a rather rare condition (and not part of her specialty), her knowledge of it speaks volumes. We got a LOT of information, so bear with me here!

She started with a typical physical, he's 34.5lbs! And still has a big head at 53cm, up 1cm from June. Then had him walk around the room. He has wobbly knees. Basically, he doesn't have the balance or the strength to hold himself up which causes him to fall a lot. He compensates by walking funny. He walks with his feet pointed out and his knees slightly inward. It needs to be corrected at some point, but if he hadn't altered his gait, he wouldn't be walking at all.

There is some concern about his heart. Caiden's heart rate and blood pressure were high and with a family history of hypertension, she wants our regular pedi to monitor it. Also, one side of his chest is slightly sunken in. She doesn't know of its muscle related or skeletal, so Caiden needs an EKG, heart echo and chest x-ray.

She noted along with his huge head, he has a very prominent upper lip, and droopy eyes (made more noticeable by the fact that he was exhausted yesterday), and thinks we may be on the right track with suspecting fragile x.

Good news is, while we didn't get to meet with the geneticist, she was able to consult with him/her while we were in the office and get his/her recommendations on additional tests. The diagnostician was able to provide enough medical evidence to prove the necessity of the tests and insurance approved it! We were able to have the labs drawn while we were there which should cut down our wait time.

Aside from the fragile x and microarray labs, Caiden had four others drawn:
• repeat CPK to compare to the previous two
• hypotonia panel to check for conditions such as muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy and other conditions that can cause hypotonia
• PTEN panel to check for very specific conditions related to the PTEN gene. They can be responsible for various cancers, tumors, heart and muscular conditions
• An aldolase test, very similar to CPK, measures an enzyme also related to muscles. If its high it'll let us know to check for muscle damage, heart damage, cancers like leukemia and pancreatic, muscular dystrophy, and rare genetic conditions related to the skeletal muscles

Our neuro has decided we only need to go back if the CPK and/or aldolase tests come back high (we'll need to discuss a muscle biopsy because of the added heart concern), or the genetics come back with something. If we see Caiden regress again he wants us back in immediately and we'll discuss his brain issue again, but we shouldn't need to see him regularly anymore.

Our pediatrician is sending us straight to a cardiologist to do the tests concerning his heart, so we're adding another specialist there.

So, if you followed all that, here's a list of Caiden's diagnoses to date:

1- Autism (ICD-299.00)
2- Hypotonia/ataxia (ICD-781.3)
3- MTHFR (ICD-270.4)
4- Tachycardia (ICD-785.0)
5- Cerebral Microcephaly/Global Cerebral Atrophy (ICD-742.1)
6- Developmental Delay (ICD-783.4)
7- Deformity of Chest and Rib (ICD-783.3)
8- Congenital Abnormalities of skull and Face Bones/Macrocephaly [his giant head] (ICD-756.0)
9- Congenital Abnormalities of Face and Neck [facial features] (ICD-744.89)

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